The word Vastu means “Dwelling’ in Sanskrit and the ancient science of building is known as Vastu Shastra. It is said that brahma, the creator gave this shastra to vishwakarma, the celestial architect and commanded that he should build only according to this shastra. Vastu shastra is holistic and all encompassing. It includes Bhumi Vastu, Building Vastu, and Furniture etc. Vastu is the science of direction and architecture that combines all the five elements of nature, the Pancha Maha Bhootas; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space and balances them with the man and material.

Vaastu Shastra Directions

Southwest side is the ideal position for the bedroom. A room in the south would not only be congenial, but also work for comfort living. In case your house has an upper storey, make sure that its southwest portion houses the master bedroom.

Children Room
Children room in the northwest side or in the west side is considered ideal. The room not only acts favorably in terms of health of the children. For developing better concentration in children, make sure they have a separate study close to their bedrooms.


The right location of the kitchen insures favorable health of the family. Ideally, since southeast side is the residing place of Agni or the God of Fire, the kitchen should also be placed in the same location.

Study Room
The perfect position to study would be facing the north, east or the northeast side. These directions attract the positive effects of different planets - Mercury increases brain power, Jupiter enhances wisdom, Sun raises ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.

Ideally, east is the perfect place for the bathroom. When it comes to attached bathroom, one in the north or east side would be favorable. Shower, bathing tub and wash basin in the bathroom may be in the Northeast, or the North or the East direction. Do not have bathroom in the center or southwest corner of the house.

Drawing Room

Drawing rooms can be in the northeast or northern or eastern side of the room. Avoid having drawing room in the southwest portion. Keep the northeast corner of the drawing room vacant.

Store Room
Store room can be in the northwest or southwest portion of the house. It is best to store heavy things in the southwest of the storeroom. Garbage can be collected in the southern side of the house.

At the time of sleeping, make sure that you have head towards the South Pole and legs towards the North Pole. However, sleeping with head in the east and legs in the west is also favorable and brings in mental peace, good thoughts and spirituality.

Vasthu Directions For Home

Direction Planet Lordship Best For
Northwest Moon Vayu (Wind) Guests, Bathroom, Garage, Animals, Utilities, Pantry
North Mercury Kubera (Wealth) Mirrors (North wall), jewels and other valuables, children, family room, basement.
Northeast Jupiter Ishanya (the Supreme Lord) Prayer, shrines, living room, sun porch, patio or deck.
West Saturn Varuna (Waters) Dining room, children's room, study room, den
East Sun Surya (Health) Bathroom, Dining room, family room, bay windows, mirrors on east wall, storage of ghee, milk, oil, rosewater, etc.
Southwest Rahu Nairuti (Dissolution) Heavy objects, Bedroom, no shrines or bathrooms.
South Mars Yama (Lord of Death) Dining room, no main entrances, Bed room, Bath room
Southeast Venus Agni(Lord of Fire) Kitchen, pantry, appliances, computers, exercise room, garage, weights.

Vastu Remedies

With life becoming tougher and more complex, buying a flat or constructing it as per vastu shastra has become a next to impossible task. Such a situation is especially seen in big cities and metro towns, wherein the pressure to purchase plots & buildings are extremely high. As such, your home is bound to have certain vastu defect or dosh. While it is not possible to change or alter the position of everything in the house, minor changes can be done. By making minor changes in the interiors and using regulators or charged objects, one can bring back peace and happiness in life. In the following lines, we have provided some vastu remedies that would surely act beneficially and bring about a positive change in your life.

Remedies For Common Vaastu Defects
* In case you have a drain or a river nearby the house which is flowing in a direction other than the north-east direction and has anti-clockwise movement, the best bet would be to place a statue of    dancing Ganeshji facing the west on the north-east corner of the house.
* If the boring of your building or house has been placed in the wrong direction, it is best to have a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, facing South-West to the boring.
* If while entering your home you have a naked wall, place a statue or a picture of Ganeshji. Remember, a naked wall is a sign of loneliness and hence the good way to conceal it would be with the statue or a picture of Lord Ganesha.
* In case a high voltage overhead wire passes over your house, erect a plastic pipe filled with lime from one corner to the other in such a manner that both its end would remain outside by at least three feet each. This would eliminate the evil effects of energy, being generated out of the overhead wire.
* Energy circles of a house can be enhanced by using Swastika Yantra. However, the method requires a lot of care and should be done under the supervision of an able Vastu mason.
* A toilet, built at the eastern corner at the 'Ishan' angle, causes a lot of diseases to the inmates. For this, construct a toilet mainly towards south or west. The face should be towards the north or west, while discharging stool.
* In the kitchen, place the grinder, fridge, shelf and other heavy items towards south and west wall.
* If you are facing health problems, check your bed. As per vastu shastra, one should always use bed with four legs. Box type bed stops air circulation and is the foremost reason for bad health.
* Placing pyramids is an effective and pocket friendly way of curbing all the vastu defects of a house or a building. These are installed in strategic location in the house such as the center of the house, a specific room or even an energetic key point. It balances the electromagnetic field of the human aura, thereby harmonizing mind, body, spirit and environment.
* Poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man, owl and eagle are considered inauspicious. In case you have one at your home, replace it immediately.
* As for the doors, if you have doors that open outwards, replace them immediately by those that open inwards.

Vastu Shastra is a wide field and there are lots of questions arising in the minds of readers. For the people who are a novice let's make them clear what is all about Vastu Shastra! Vastu Shastra is nothing but an architectural science followed from the past. It is the involvement of various principles in the construction of building and the way of living with peace in nature along with the environment, by equalizing the nature's five elements namely Space, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Vastu Shastra can also be referred to as the SCIENCE OF DIRECTIONS that integrates all five nature's elements and counterweights with man and material. Also, it involves making use of the cosmic energy in the world for the benefit of Vastu.

Vastu for Office

Vastu for offices includes several different factors such as right office setup, office exteriors with respect to shape, slope and others, direction of various department, location of the reception, emplacement of electrical gadgets and other more. Apart from these, there are several other factors that you must take into your consideration about Vastu for office. They are:

Set your office as per these essential Vastu tips. It is sure that you will progress in all aspects of your work.

* The place of seat arrangement for managers, executives and directors must be located in south, west and southwestern direction of the office premises
* As per the Vastu principles it is really good to set the accounts department in southeast direction.
* The appropriate place to set the reception is in the northeastern direction of the office.
* With respect to Vastu principles, it is good to seat the employees facing the north or eastern direction
* The central portion of the office must be set empty
* As per the Vastu principles, it is good to place rectangular desk for the MD
* Placing bore-well or fixing tank in the direction of south is not really recommended. This will affect the owner with less and insufficient cash flow.
* The best and right direction of keep the storeroom is on the northwest and southeast location.
* It is recommended to set the marketing department in the direction of northwest
* Setting a water fountain in the location of northeast of the office premises is really good and recommended.
* Placing an aquarium containing 1 black fish and 9 gold fish in the location of northeast of the office premises is really good and advisable.

Vastu for Home

Essential Vastu tips for your home bedroom:

  * The right direction to set your master bedroom is on south-west
  * Ensure to place your heads positioning towards the direction of South corner. Placing heads towards North is not recommended, as it will badly disturb your sleep
  * Keep your bedroom away from setting diving idols
* Constructing your bedroom with the shape of rectangle or square is dearly recommended, as it bestows peace and good fortune

Kitchen Room:
Kitchen room is a place, where you cook your everyday food. You must have to consider quite several factors, while constructing your home kitchen. You must be very considerable in placing the sink, location of the gas, refrigerator, gas cylinder, and other more.

Essential Vastu tips for your home kitchen room:

  ·  The right place to set your kitchen is in the south-east corner. If you never find an apt position, then you can avail the alternative of locating it in the north-west corner
  ·  Building kitchen in north-east, mid-west, mid-north, mid-south, south-west or in the centre is strictly not recommended, as they are out of Vastu norms
  ·  Ensure that the cooking area never touches the sidewall of northern or eastern side
·  The right location to cook food is by setting it on the direction of east

Similar like other room, you must give close attention while you construct your home bathroom. The best location to construct the bathroom is the eastern part of the home. If you never find the right appropriate place to set your bathroom, then you can avail the Vastu remedy by placing geyser in the south-east corner.


Vastu for Plot

Vastu is basically a science of structures and completely deals with the directions. Vastu Shastra is a big field and one can find many remedies for the well-beings and their surroundings. There are many things to be taken in to consideration while deciding to construct a building. Of the most important things, choosing the right site or plot is extremely crucial. Hence, it always advisable to take consultation from Vastu Shastra expert before purchasing a plot or buying a flat, house or any other buildings rather than taking his advice in the later part of construction. At this point of time damages would have already been made. Thus, these results should need to be avoided.

From whom should a plot not be bought? The answer to this question is provided by Vastu Shastra and as per it, a plot or land site should never be purchased from - people who became insolvent, troubled from leprosy, lunatics or people who are not in country etc. Likewise, sites that are given in donation to temples, assigned to watchman of colony or village, lands possessed by charitable trusts and sites with no title deed should not be bought. Also, lands holding boulders, worm hills, ant hills, skeleton and bones etc should not be gained.

In what direction should a plot or land site face? The direction of the plots plays a very important role in its construction. Different directions are beneficial for various types of persons and organizations. Let's take a look on them. Plots which face the East direction are considered good for philosophers, professors, scholars, teachers, priests etc whereas plots that face the West direction helps the people who truly support the society. Also, plots facing the North are good for people in administration, power and who function for the government and the plots facing South are considered best for the business class and people who work in business concerns.

An extremely important factor where light is to be thrown is at the surroundings or environment of the plots. If the environment is not good, the resulting problems come in many ways. Hence, it is crucial to look at the following aspects:

  * It is best to construct plots where lands are fertile with plants and greeneries
  * A big canal or the river located on the North Side and its waters flowing from West to East, is a good sign. The same way if the river is on the East side with water flowing from South to North, is  also considered good
  * If there are mounds of Earth, big boulders, hills etc towards the South West, Southern and Western sides of the site or plot, it is good. Otherwise, it would affect the progress
* It should be ensured that no cemetery, tomb or graveyard lie close to the plot either front or back
* Also, plots near to temples have a chance to affect the inmates. Plots having temple towards its right causes material loss, on the left causes sorrow and grief and in the front it causes obstruction to        develop